Artisan Raw Chocolate Gift Box ~ Discovery Range

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"We shared the chocolates in the office – they were mind blowing!  Best chocolate I have ever tasted " Julie @ BBC Radio Cornwall

The Discovery range contains a selection of eight unique flavours to explore, from the familiar sweet orange to the exotic cardamom & geranium. 

This collection contains eight, hand-made, hand-decorated & individually wrapped, organic, raw, vegan chocolate squares.

  Vanilla, mulberry, raspberry & pistachio

  Lime, blackberry & pistachio

  Sweet Orange & Fig

  Vanilla, hazelnut & raspberry

  Mint, pistachio & raspberry

  Sweet orange, cinnamon, chilli & almond

  Cardamon, geranium & almond

  Rose, cherry & raspberry

Presented in a beautiful, zero-plastic gift-box, these chocolates are a luxurious love offering for friends, family and lovers.

To taste MOCOCU is to experience extraordinary chocolate - intense, exquisite, lingering, sensual.

MOCOCU artisan, organic, raw chocolate has a delicate, soft, silky texture that melts in the mouth, uncovering delicious layers of flavour, each created with high purity, food-grade essential oils such as sweet orange, cardamom, rose, lime, peppermint, vanilla and geranium. Each square is hand-decorated with fruits, nuts and flowers, carefully chosen to complement the essential oils.

Alison at MOCOCU approaches her chocolate as an artist, so each square is like a small picture, with each of the ingredients carefully placed. The hand-decorated squares are individually wrapped in gold tissue paper and tied with a satin bow. The box has been carefully designed to avoid the use of plastic and the eight pieces fit neatly together. The boxes are beautifully made and can be kept for jewellery, love letters or memories. A great romantic gift idea for her and a great romantic gift idea for him.

We hand-make our chocolate with ethically sourced, raw, organic Peruvian Criollo cacao, with its exquisite flavour, rich intense taste and full aroma. The beans have been cold-ground and cold-pressed to retain the highest amount of superfood qualities. The magic happens when we mix all the natural ingredients together with the loving essence of cacao.

We use only certified organic ingredients with no additives or preservatives. The chocolates are best eaten fresh on arrival, or kept in the fridge and consumed within one month of purchase. However, we doubt you will be able to resist eating them straight away!


Organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter, organic agave nectar, Himalayan rock salt, organic essential oils (vanilla, peppermint, rose, lime, cardamom, sweet orange, geranium), organic pistachios, organic almonds, organic hazelnuts, organic dried raspberries, organic dried mulberries, organic dried figs, organic dried cherries, organic dried blackberries, chilli extract. *