A unique luxurious edible kissable organic chocolate massage butter that melts on contact with skin ~ perfect for small and intimate areas.

Comes in vanilla, sweet orange, peppermint or rose

This edible butter comes in beautiful gift box with two individually wrapped hand decorated chocolates, vanilla, mulberry, pistachio and raspberry and sweet orange and fig

Butter 130g

Chocolates 38g






Experience massaging your partner with this unique luxurious chocolate butter that melts in contact with the skin. Kiss & taste this delicious silky chocolate off your partner and allow yourself to experience intimate and beautiful sensuality.

This product is pure and safe to use anywhere on the body, including intimate areas. The organic sweet almond oil, cacao butter and high purity food grade essential oils are both good for your skin and your body.

The box comes with 2 chocolates to unwrap and share. Vanilla, mulberry, pistachio & raspberry and sweet orange and fig.


Take a small amount with your fingers and apply to the skin in small gentle circles until it melts.

Store in a cool, dry place and allow to come to room temperature before using. Once opened, store in a cool place and use within 8 weeks.

Additional information


Rose, Orange, Peppermint, Vanilla, White Chocolate & Rose


Organic cacao butter, organic cacao liquor, organic maple syrup, organic food grade sweet almond oil, organic food grade essential oil of vanilla/peppermint/sweet orange

Chocolates: organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter,organic coconut oil, Himalayan salt, organic agave nectar, organic mulberries, organic pistachios, organic raspberries, organic figs and organic essential oil of vanilla and sweet orange

Rose & White Chocolate Flavour ingredients: organic cacao butter, organic food grade sweet almond oil, organic maple syrup, organic food grade essential oil of rose


“Melting off the fingers, the heady, dark aromatic perfume of Cacao, anointing the grateful skin, hedonistic, unique and magical. To massage or lick……” Pete

“Luxurious, erotic and sensual..it was as though my lover was wearing silk gloves. I have never had an experience like it before” Rebecca

“I love the rose butter with is intoxicating scent, it is so silky and delicious and makes the experience so much more delightful” anon

“My (now wife) and I have discovered the delicious sensuality of these Mococu products. Made with love by someone who has traveled, researched and immersed herself in this ancient tradition. I thoroughly recommend you let go and use your imagination to delight and be delighted.” Richard