An organic edible kissable cacao body paint made with nutritious organic ingredients to paint onto your partner & lick off

Vanilla, sweet orange, peppermint or rose flavour

This edible paint comes in beautiful gift box with two individually wrapped hand decorated chocolates, vanilla, hazelnut & raspberry and peppermint, pistachio and raspberry

Paint 70g

Chocolates 38g





Experience painting you partner with the sensual eco-brush, creating beautiful patterns, symbols, pictures and tribal marks, to adorn each other. Kiss & lick this delicious organic silky chocolate off your partner’s skin and allow yourself to experience intimate and beautiful sensuality.

The box comes with 2 chocolates to unwrap and share. Vanilla, hazelnut & raspberry and peppermint, pistachio & raspberry.

This product is pure & completely safe to use anywhere on the body, including intimate areas. The organic sweet almond oil and high purity essential oils are both good for your skin and your body.


As this is a natural product with no preservatives or additives, some separation may occur. Mix thoroughly with the brush or a small spoon or fork, until all the delicious cacao, maple syrup and sweet almond oil are blended.

Store in a cool dry place, then allow to come to room temperature to use.  Once opened keep in the fridge and use within one month.


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Vanilla, Peppermint, Rose, Orange


Organic cacao powder, organic food grade sweet almond oil, organic maple syrup, organic food grade essential oil of ; vanilla, peppermint, rose, sweet orange

Chocolates: organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter, organic coconut oil, Himalayan salt, organic agave nectar, organic hazelnuts, organic pistachios, organic raspberries, organic essential oil of vanilla and peppermint

Brush: bamboo, recycled aluminium, synthetic bristles


“We decided to try the glorious mococu body paint to spice up our date night. It created a delicious, sensual evening full of fun. The chocolate is very good quality and glides onto the skin as you paint different designs all over each other. It is vegan and organic and beautifully made. The rich luxurious flavours are irresistible ! naughty and very very nice ! ” Maria-Cornwall

“Creative, Artistic, Intimate Fun – My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed using the edible Cacao Body Paint. What can I say but great fun. Not only could we get creative, artistic and intimate (a great combination!) but the product was silky smooth, applied beautifully to the skin and then to top it off – tasted great when when wanted to start again!!!! Cannot recommend highly enough. A fantastic and fun way to share time and space.” Graham – Cornwall