An organic cacao, hazelnut, Madagascan vanilla & maple sharing dip with handmade foxglove satin blindfold

An indulgent sensory experience to share with your partner

This product is made with organic natural ingredients and needs be kept in the fridge





An indulgent dipping adventure to share with your partner…

Allow yourself to drop fully into a sensual world to experience the touch, taste and scent of exotic fruits, hazelnuts and cacao. Tie the luxurious satin blindfold around your partner, in a soft bow and dip fruits, nuts and unexpected delights into this decadent organic Madagascan vanilla chocolate to share …


The dip is made with natural organic ingredients and needs to be kept in the fridge and used within 2 weeks after opening. Allow the dip to warm to room temperature and prepare a feast of delicious fruits and nuts to share with each other.


Organic roasted hazelnuts, organic, cacao powder, organic maple syrup, organic Madagascan vanilla bean extract, water

Crepe back satin: 96.6% polyester 3.4% elastane

Machine wash 30


“The beautifully presented dip and blindfold gift box is able to add a wonderful ‘extra sensory’ experience to any lovers special times. Delicious sensuality guaranteed!” Richard

“Gorgeous organic Cacao and Hazelnut, magically entwined. lovingly combined, silk and satin textures that seduce the mouth, demanding ever more exotic couplings to deliver the naughtiness to the salivating taste buds. Slivers of juicy pear, luscious ripe cherries, succulent Medjool dates, a finger, a toe……” Peter

“I’ve tried a few dairy free chocolate dips and spreads and been very disappointed, but the silkiness and nutty flavour of this is utterly seductive ” Genevieve