About Alison

Chocolate Maker


I grew up with my grandmother who was a passionate baker but did not return to baking until I was in my 30s and my partner took on a café. Baking then became a hobby, a creative outlet to balance the challenges of working as a therpist.

I first discovered raw cacao when I started to make brownies, tarts and energy balls and fell in love with the depth and richness of this fresh new chocolate experience. I made my first raw chocolate in 2015 and experimented for months, sharing never-ending recipes with friends and family.

I have a degree in visual arts and have worked as an Art and Design teacher, so naturally decorated my chocolates in an artistic way with nuts, seeds and berries.

A few years earlier, my partner and I had enjoyed using a chocolate paint on each other. The experience was great apart from the taste of the paint, which was sweet and sickly. Now aware of the qualities of raw chocolate I thought it would be wonderful to make a body paint that tasted delicious and was good for you!

Months of experimentation proved successful and also led to the development of the chocolate massage butter and sharing dip, delicious for fruit dipping with friends.

I realised that I now had a collection that would be perfect for lovers - a true gift for the senses. I wanted to create a love offering, a range of gifts that would make the recipient feel very special. Exquisite, beautiful, luxurious and sensual in look, feel and taste.

I hope you enjoy them.