mococu’s mission is to share the amazing cacao bean in its raw essence, so it can be enjoyed to its full potential and enrich our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. We take great care to honour and respect, all animals, mother earth, our bodies and each other.

We hand make organic, vegan, delicious and beautiful raw chocolates and have created a unique luxury collection of chocolate gift boxes and sensual chocolate gifts. These indulgent gifts make beautiful love offerings for friends, family and lovers. To taste mococu is to experience extraordinary chocolate ~ intense exquisite lingering sensual…

As a vegan brand we value the maternal bond between cow and calf and do not use any dairy products or test our body products on animals or use ingredients that have been.

Our ethical chocolate gift boxes have been carefully designed so that they contain zero plastic and are so beautifully made that you will want to keep them as a lovely keepsake box.

We use ethically and sustainably sourced, raw organic Peruvian Criollo cacao with its exquisite flavour and rich intense taste. All our ingredients are certified organic and are nourishing for our skin and healthy and nutritious for our bodies.

mococu’s sensual products have been created to encourage sensuality, creativity, playfulness, communication and deeper more intimate connection between couples.

Alison is both a raw chocolate maker of sensual gifts and  a cacaoista, holding sacred cacao ceremonies, helping people to explore the exotic, heart-opening energy of the nourishing and healing cacao bean.